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"The Pearl Truth: Imitation vs Real? - You Deserve Real Pearls"

Updated: Jan 15

- Unmasking the Charm of Authentic Pearls.

Have you ever gotten ready to go out for the day or night, taking care to pair the right top with the perfect bottom, the perfect shoes, killer bag and to seal the look, finishing it off with fabulous accessories to tie it all together? Well, we're here to share great news that we are here to simplify the process with the nudge that you needed to present your best self forward!

Yep, The time is toss out the Imitation, invest in yourself and reach for the strand of pearls that elevates your look from Blah to AHHHHHH! Today, we're diving into the world of pearls, where the difference between real and fake is not just about authenticity but a testament to timeless elegance.

Are you ready for the Gone With the Wind Fabulous tour into the glistening realm of Real Pearls? Well, Buckle up, because we're about to explore why these natural beauties aren't just your grandmother's preferred bling but an amazing symbol of timeless elegance for every generation.

The Great Pearl Showdown: Real vs. Fake

Let's play a game of spot the difference, pearl edition. It's more than just a test of authenticity; it's a celebration of nature's artistry!

The Radiance Rendezvous

  • Real Pearls: They boast a luminosity that radiates like moonlit seas. This luster, or what many jewelers call the inner light,' is like the pearls soul saying, "Hey Girl!".

  • Fake Pearls: They try hard with their surface gloss, but it's more like a flashlight than the mysterious moon.

Texture Tales

  • Real Pearls: Ever felt a real pearl? It's like touching a piece of cloud that fell from the sky, slightly gritty but oh-so-inviting. Cold or cool to the touch and just heavy enough to feel the weight around your neck.

  • Fake Pearls: They're like that plastic flower in your dentist's office – visually there but missing the essence. They are normally room temperature and so light, you can forget you're wearing anything at all.

Shape Shifter Stories

  • Real Pearls: Each one is a unique child of nature. No two are identical, just like us!

  • Fake Pearls: Perfectly round and eerily identical, like soldiers in a faux-pearl army.

Pearls: Not Just a Nostalgic Nod

Gone are the days when pearls were pigeonholed into a 'vintage-only' category. They've broken free from the stereotype and now strut across fashion runways, jazz up casual brunch outfits, and add Command to professional attire.

A Gem for All Ages

Pearls don’t care how many candles were on your last birthday cake. They are the chameleons of the jewelry world, adapting to styles, moods, and moments.

Ageless, Timeless, Priceless

Whether you’re 18 or 80, pearls don't discriminate. They adapt to your style, making them a must-have for Every Fashionista.

The question is not if you need Real Pearls but When are you getting Real Pearls?

So, Are you convinced yet? As you can tell, We're on a mission to eradicate the world of FAKE Pearls so Here's our offer to get you from Imitation to the Real Deal!

Valentine's Day Extravaganza: Real Pearls for Real Love

In the spirit of love and authenticity, we're rolling out a Valentine’s special that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Our single strand pearls with complimentary matching stud earrings, normally a steal at $185, can now be yours (or your loved one's) for just $149. Why? Because real love deserves real pearls. Each strand is an AAA 7-8 mm 18 inch princess cut and is hand double knotted and comes with a sterling silver safety clasp. For a longer strand please email us to curate your perfect length at Each strand is made to order so please note that there is an up to 14 day wait between order and ship time, so don't delay. This special will be over before you know it!

Remember, you deserve the Real, Radiant, and Rare beauty of genuine pearls.

Offer Starts Now! January 14th through February 14th. Don't wait for Cupid; make these timeless treasures yours or gift them to someone special. After all, nothing says "I adore you" like the elegance of real pearls.

The Deal is On! Embrace the charm of genuine pearls this Valentine's Day. Gift them, wear them, love them – these pearls are ready to continue their journey with you.

Stay ahhh-mazing, stay Real!

Click below for our Valentines Special!


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