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For the Pretty Girl who has Everything...This is THE One!

Beautifully crafted crystal peacock crystal evening clutch. This is the clutch that Legacies dream of...but dare to touch! 

Whew! A HeartStopper!

Exquisite Pink & Green Heirloom Peacock Evening Clutch

SKU: 00029
    • This is an exquisite heirloom, piece, one which will stand the test of time for generations. 
    • A MUST HAVE ….but available in VERY Limited quanties. …
    • Chain: 50 cm short chain removable
    • Heavy Crystal:  AA diamond cut with 18 cut surfaces, so it has good refraction effect, and glistens with the light.
    • Size: It is suitable for your key fob, lipstick, or lip gloss, powder, small brush,  credit cards and a pair of glasses.

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