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Happy February!!!!!

We Are So Excited to Launch our new Site on February 1st 2021! We've been so appreciative of everyone who has supported us thus far and it is important that we are contributing to this rapid changing and virtual environment! Our prayer is that you love our new virtual space as much as we do and we look forward to continued growth with you!

We celebrate Black History 365 at Pearls and Ascots by CA but this month we get to go HARD IN THE PAINT! We look forward to sharing some amazing Black Historical Information so that we can all stay Educated! In 2020 the WOKE community actually Woke us ALL up so in 2021 we are determined to do our part to make this world a better place. That includes, sharing, caring and making sure that we actually are our brothers and sisters keepers! At PearlsandAscots by Christian Advisory we look forward to Supporting Errrybody (that's Everybody) Black. If you own a black business, please share your information with us so that we can not only support your business, but share with others who can do the same!

Finally, Please make sure to sign up for our VIP Loyalty Group and email list by texting PRETTY to 855-519-1906 for amazing updates, discounts and first looks!

Come back often and have a seat at the table with us. We are firm believers that our tribe is filled with people who want to thrive and see others thrive as well! Yes, we ALL Can WIN! Let's continue to encourage each other! Greatness is a mindset and SkyScraper Gifts are abundant in our community!

We look forward to bringing you awesome apparel & accessories that will continue to illuminate you in every way!!!!

Details Do Matter!!!


The Team at Pearls and Ascots by Christian Advisory

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