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Pearls and Ascots by Christian Advisory is a signature Divine Nine line created by founders Vaughan and Lyn Sanders with the singular focus of creating and developing unique signature Urban wear, Apparel and Accessories. Paying particular attention to detail makes Pearls and Ascots the brand which stands apart from all others. Their love for all fraternal brothers and sister gives them a unique perspective of what works.. Pearls & Ascots by Christian Advisory is a Custom Pearl Curator, Clothing, Accessories and Greek Apparel goods brand that inspires pride and professionalism along with elegance and savvy in everyday wear. Gently reminding that DeTails Matter.


Similar to a Pearl, each creation is Uniquely Crafted, Compounded and Developed to be Resilient, Distinctive and Irresistible.


Like a Pearl, when strung together the level of rare allure increases tenfold.

All of our goods are created and designed especially for our brand. It is our expectation that you are pleased while wearing attire that flatters and uplifts.


Pearls and Ascots is a line exclusively created by Christian Advisory ( whose owners ( husband and wife duo pictured here) are proud members of the Divine 9. - their motto -“One should never have to sacrifice style and durability for beauty, craftsmanship or price. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make.”


We invite you to experience Pearls and Ascots by Christian Advisory


Your Pearl Connection Resource

Greek Apparel, Re-Imagined.

 “Because. Details. Matter.”


Vaughan & Lyn Sanders

Details Matter.



We are an Atlanta based company located at 3442 Francis Road Suite 140 in Alpharetta, GA.


We pride ourselves on our unique and classic catalogue of products, exclusive to Pearls & Ascots by Christian Advisory.

We are a family owned boutique company and can be found physically at many conferences and Pop-ups across the United States.


Due to Covid-19 we are operating virtually and fulfilling orders online as all items are prepared for shipping..

Please feel free to email us at to schedule a visual presentation of our catalogue.


We encourage you to follow us on Social Media @pearlsandascots or @christianadvisory and sign up for our email updates to stay informed of our offerings.


For now, we look forward to Visiting with you soon, inviting you to experience the uniqueness of Pearls and Ascots.

#detailsmatter #bestparaperiod #youdeserveRealPearls


Greek Paraphernalia Re-Imagined. Your Pearl Connection Resource.


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